Why No Rapper Should Ever Use The Word Faggot(And Neither Should You)

Kobe said it and set the sports world ablaze. It also cost him $100,000. Isaiah Washington said it. He lost his job and has all but vanished from Hollywood. It’s been made more than clear that homophobia and the word faggot is a terrible and disgusting word that refuses to be tolerated except for in one place –the music world. Particularly in rap music.

You don’t have to search far or hard to find homophobic rap lyrics, the use of the word fag, faggot, or the legendary “no homo”. But the reason I decided to voice my opinion on this matter is because recently the music world has fallen in love with a 19 year rapper by the name of Tyler The Creator of Odd Future and I for one can’t climb on board this train. Why? I’ve listened to Tyler’s work and there is no doubt he’s a very talented kid but to see people whom I respect or who’s opinion I consider valuable shower such high praises on him with such hateful and irresponsible lyrics like “Come take a stab at it faggot, I pre-ordered your casket” or “You silly rabbit faggot, tricks are for kids so we go abracadabra” starts to make me question the validity of their intellectual understanding. Why is this acceptable?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of rap music and will be the first to tell you I’m guilty or reciting misogynistic and nasty rap lyrics from Eminem down to Lil Wayne. However, since majority of rap lyrics are compiled with female conquests, newly acquired wealth and rags to riches stories of ghetto survival, you or I probably wont have much luck changing that. But for rappers who are held up and regarded as role models to the youth in many communities, there comes a certain level of responsibility with the way they use their instrument especially when it comes down to word choice. I mean even Nicki Minaj, who’s fan base is comprised mostly of women and gay men casually uses the lyric “Nigga you softer than a homosexual”. How do you deliver a direct insult to the very people who pay your bills and made you famous and that’s ok?

Why is it that Shonda Rhimes(creator of Grey’s Anatomy and ‘giver of the ax’ to Isiah Washington), the media and NBA Commissioner David Stern can immediately recognize the error of Kobe Bryant’s ways, recognizing how far and wide the tentacles of destruction reach from the word faggot, yet label heads and record executives aren’t inclined to do the same with their artists? For those who argue its artistic censorship, why is it not for Kobe or Isiah? They’re both entertainers as well — one theatric and the other athletic.

I would most likely attribute it to the fact that no one is brave enough to go against the machine and the fact that not enough rap fans will never complain or stop listening. Couple that with the fact that it’s no secret that statistically, the black community is anti-gay so why would they care about homophobic lyrics(granted majority of rap is consumed by white people)? Just look at the way Grant Hill was attacked by black people on Twitter when his “Don’t Say Gay” PSA aired during the playoffs. But everyone black, white, blue, or green has a responsibility in this matter.

If anything a rapper has more responsibility to be careful with his or her choice of words seeing how not everyone can drive the lane and dunk on a seven-footer but anyone can walk around reciting homophobic rap lyrics. But why is this so important? It’s just a word and as Tyler and many other rappers have said before him, it’s just another way of saying something is stupid. But you know another word that indicates you might think something is stupid and isn’t yelled at LGBT people while they’re being beaten within inches of their lives or bullied at school? The word stupid. Some people like to think the word is harmless like the word “nigga” or “nigger” but if this is so, why were so many people attacking Jenifer Lopez when she used the word in her song “Im Real”?

And no, it’s not like casual use of the word nigger, though the words are symmetrical in ways of oppression but not in history. Because in 2011, black people aren’t being called nigger in school and casually in public right before someone beats them with a bat or beats them up in a McDonald’s(who has a history of homophobia) while all the employees stand around and watch and one of them records it on their phone to upload on YouTube. Black people today can stop at night to go to the gas station and get cigarettes or a soda without being called a nigger by a group of racists and then hospitalized because of it. Because there are legal protections in place that over the course of time have eroded that type of behavior in general from society. Did I mention all of these beatings have taken place within the last three months?

Unfortunately LGBT American citizens are going through that TODAY. Everyday someone is being bullied and called faggot or beaten up and by trivializing and making cool through music the use of such a dangerous word at a time when the quest for LGBT civil rights is as alive as it has ever been is irresponsible, inconsiderate, disrespectful and down right dangerous. Rappers and entertainers saying the word faggot or any homophobic remark and then giving money to charity and saying “I’m cool with gay people” or “I love gay people” is like Jillian and Bob doing commercials for Burger King and then showing up at the Biggest Loser and telling fat people they have a problem and need to change. It’s stupid.

If you used the word nigger in the 50’s and 60’s you were a racist, plain and simple. So no matter how you dress it up, there is no nice way to say faggot today or ever. The word nigger has evolved into “nigga” which black people like to think of as a term of endearment but this will never be the case with the word faggot. Because it’s intention is and has always been meant to attack a person’s masculinity, identity and character. You can say nigga all you want(though I try to refrain from using the word as often as possible but am guilty of the occasional use) but it will never be ok to say faggot — it just won’t.

You’re either a part of the problem or you’re a part of the solution. Every time a rapper or any musician or entertainer uses the word faggot you’re contributing to the problem. As long as impressionable young minds can point to the people they look up to and idolize like like a 19 year old Tyler who’s album sold 50,000 copies in it’s release yesterday(according to him), the glorification of such heinous words will continue and the cycle of homophobia will never end. This is not an attempt to hate on anyone, there’s a distinct difference between hating and criticism. But in the words of Dr. Cornel West, at some point we have to grow up. And if as an artist, using the word faggot is the only way you can express yourself, then maybe you aren’t as talented as you thought and the world could do without your expression. You don’t know who or what your child will grow up to be and one day that could very well be your son or daughter on the end of that unprovoked fist, baseball bat, or gun being called a faggot or it could be your child or family member being locked up for doing it.

Kobe said it and it cost him $100,000. Tyler and other rappers say it, and make millions. There’s a problem that needs solving and I’m not the only one calling for change. No one is saying rappers have to stop being rappers because they won’t. But we can demand better from them. It’s not hard at all to not say the word faggot or any word for that matter. Because the only thing Tyler is creating with rape filled, homophobic lyrics is more reason for people to spew hate and a mild shock value that will wear off and soon send him into rap obscurity.

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68 Responses to Why No Rapper Should Ever Use The Word Faggot(And Neither Should You)

  1. kirk gibbons says:

    you all are a bunch of faggots and niggers of HELL have anice day!

  2. Max says:

    Taken from the Free Dictionary:

    faggot (ˈfæɡət) or fagot
    1. a bundle of sticks or twigs, esp when bound together and used as fuel
    2. (Metallurgy) a bundle of iron bars, esp a box formed by four pieces of wrought iron and filled with scrap to be forged into wrought iron
    3. (Cookery) a ball of chopped meat, usually pork liver, bound with herbs and bread and eaten fried
    4. a bundle of anything
    vb (tr)
    5. to collect into a bundle or bundles
    6. (Knitting & Sewing) needlework to do faggoting on (a garment, piece of cloth, etc)
    [C14: from Old French, perhaps from Greek phakelos bundle]

    I see nothing about a derogatory term regarding homosexuals. Interesting article considering the author does not know the origin of words or how they transfer and morph throughout society.

  3. Faggot says:


    I rate this post gay/10.

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  5. kyndal says:

    The word “nigger” will never be ok to say, no matter how much it has “changed” from it’s original use. And the word “faggot” never will either, even if the world comes to embrace it. And why is saying the word “faggot” worse than misogynistic lyrics about hating women? No matter what they are all hateful, and equally disgusting.

  6. greenmb says:

    Wow, I’m really glad I stumbled across this post. First off, please tell me why it’s okay for a rapper to degrade women and talk about drugs, but horrible if the say the word “faggot.” What’s really so bad about using the word fag? This isn’t a freedom of speech argument, it’s a grammarian argument. It’s a WORD. You assign it to something. Society is always changing and words will always mean different things.

    • airk1978 says:

      Who said it was ok to degrade women and talk about drugs? Are you just one of those people aho likes to disagree to try to be right?

  7. Richard B says:

    And quit being such a little faggot.

  8. Richard B says:

    It’s called free speech, deal with it, I do, I hate rap in general.

  9. Dude says:

    Here’s something for folks to think about. “Peer pressure” isn’t what most people think it is. It’s not “smoke this if you want to be cool.” Peer pressure happens, because people see a behavior enough that it becomes acceptable in their mind. If you grow up in a house where everyone drinks and if all your friends drink, you’re more likely to say yes when someone offers you a beer, because drinking is “no big deal.” If we surround our kids with hateful speech, no matter what the word is, it becomes “no big deal.” We’ve all been attacked verbally or physically by nasty people for no good reason. You want to train your kids to grow up believing it’s no big deal? You demand respect for yourself, but when someone else holds a mirror in front of your face to show you that you’re not respecting others in the same way, you whine about freedom of speech. How childish can you be? Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you, right? Stop the hateful speech, and the world will eventually become a less hateful place. THAT’s where I want my kids to live. BTW, no 11-year old decides “I’m going to choose to be hated, picked on, ridiculed, attacked, kicked out of my church, turned on by my family, rejected by my friends, and discriminated against — because having sex with another dude is awesome!” It’s stupid to think that being gay is something people choose. Grow up children.

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  20. Monte says:

    Music is like candy. You throw away the wrappers. Well, I sort of like a few of Nicki Minaj’s songs and ferociously hate the rest of her shit. I still prefer the word “faggot” over gay but have empathy for gays who cry over a word. I think it’s hilarious and I usually prefer it over “gay” any day. But that isn’t the kind of world I live in! Well, let’s reclaim gay. Gays, if you’re reading, take the word back. The more modern definition of a “faggot” is a gay man. That’s what we are. If we’d all stop being sensitive to words because of the way they sound, life would be a lot easier.

    • airk1978 says:

      So thats like saying to a black person, take the name “nigger” back, if it is from a white person as ok??? Humm. (Quotes used to not try to offend anyone)

  21. J says:

    Every rapper I have ever had the displeasure of hearing is stupid. I may reconsider my way of thinking if I heard some lyrics about something other than ‘bitches, money, and getting fucked up’ but probably not because a 6 year old can rhyme on top of an electronic beat with repetitive, dare I say, music. Using obscenities shows a lack of intelligence so why should such language be used constantly and still be considered an art form? Rap today should not be considered art, it is vulgar trash, and the people who appreciate it are too.

  22. Isaac says:

    I didnt read the whole thing but i can see that you are a very close minded person… Read a couple of phrases that make me think ur not a smart person nor u should have a blog.. And that thing about not being talented because u say faggot just proves the point that you are very ignorant in this subject…

    • Travon Free says:

      First, you’ve already conceded your ignorance from the start by admitting to commenting on something before you read it completely. Second, the post never tells anyone to not be creative or expressive. It merely suggests why they shouldn’t use a horrible word at a sensitive time period in history where the word is very inflammatory and can do much more harm than just being passed off as “creative expression” . Lastly, very talented and successful entertainers and rappers have found ways to be successful without using inflammatory words like faggot so clearly you’re the one who’s quite ignorant on a number of things.

  23. Isaac says:

    First of all a rappers form of entertainment are words a sportsman’s isnt so thats why its censorship in rap and not in basketball.. The two things that argument is completely flawed… Im completely against somebody beeing attacked for who he is but rap is a form of art and shouldnt be censored in anyway…

  24. BiteTheBullet says:

    Fuck censorship. Rappers should say whatever they want. It’s called freedom of speech and I’m glad every time I stumble upon a politically incorrect rapper. This article actually makes me want to listen to Tyler just cause of it’s whiny “please stop saying the f-word” mentality. I don’t have a problem with homosexual people but I’m not gonna do a damn thing to stop problems concerning anybody that is not myself.

    Telling them to stop using a word is limiting their artistic freedoms and the Kobe Bryant situation does it no favors. Kobe has a right to say and feel whatever and however he wants. Fining him is a disgrace and I hope whoever fined him gets bit in the ass by payback at some point.

    And I’m very glad that few people give a damn about homophobic lyrics in hip-hop. I will proudly support my favorite rappers no matter how anti-homo some of their lyrics are. Big Daddy Kane’s “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy” features an “anti-faggot” line and despite many people’s ‘disgusted’ reaction, I actually rap that line along proudly with more emphasis put on it as well. Scarface on “Cereal Killer” says “I never had respect for homosexuals anyway” and my reaction for that song is equally friendly and I love every bit of that song, including that line.

    The bigger problem is people like you who feel like you owe anyone an apology if you sing along to a song with “misogynistic, homophobic lines”. Well, not me, though. I don’t feel like apologizing to anyone and I proudly shout lines that fall into those categories. But then again, I’m a very insensitive person and despite being white, I still listen to plenty of Paris and Ice Cube, both of which have plenty of racist songs, some of which I love. The best advice to everybody who lets the words of another person get the best of them: be like me and stop giving a fuck. People can call me whatever they want and it wont bother me in the slightest cause at the end, none of it has any merit or meaning. The less you get bothered about it, the faster will prejudiced words stop being prominent. Oh and if you are victimized by bullies for your sexual orientation, just grow a pair and fight them back. It can’t be that hard. Stop whining and begging, do something yourself.

  25. Vin Tage says:

    awesome article man. i myself am a hip hop artist, and share your point of view.

    “And if as an artist, using the word faggot is the only way you can express yourself, then maybe you aren’t as talented as you thought and the world could do without your expression.”

    that part made me laugh because it’s too true.

    ” it’s just another way of saying something is stupid. ” – use a thesaurus son.

    nicely done sir.

    • Travon Free says:

      Thanks for the comment man, as you can tell from past comments, a lot of people weren’t too happy about being told their damaging their own culture.

      “we are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid” – Benjamin Franklin (some black people are working overtime these days)

    • Om3gA says:

      So u straight up sayin eminem has no talent cuz he used the word faggot? Plus if u a rapper that accepts gays stay the fuk out of the game we dont want no more pussies as it is. If u can take a dick then u shud b able to take those “hurtful” words…. that sum how makes y’all wanna kill urself??? Wtf yeah that makes sense, right?

  26. I am so glad to see such an eloquent, well thought out article on this subject. Thank you. As for those of you who have left hateful comments please get yourself an education. No one will take you seriously if every other word is misspelled and your posts lack even a modicum of grammar or punctuation.
    My only problem with this article is your mild acceptance of the assimilation of the word “nigger” into the American vernacular. While the words “nigger” and “faggot” have different histories they also have many similarities, mainly as words used to demean a certain population of people because of an unalterable biological trait. Neither of these words should be tolerated. Ever.

    • Travon Free says:

      Thanks a lot for your great comment. About the N word, I’m just as against the use of it as well, I just didnt want to make the word the focus of the post because it was really really about the word faggot and discussing the use of the N word is a whole different beast in itself. I wanted to address it because I know people would compare the two but I didnt want it to steal the spotlight. I do concede to the fact that I don’t think black people will ever stop saying it due to how comercialized it’s become in rap and how accepted it’s use is in our culture and vernacular. A sad truth in my opinion.

  27. fuckin faggots says:

    fuck everybody u cant do anything. if your scared of being called a faggot then dont fuck or date a guy you fucking homo. fuck everybody, who ever wrote this is currently taking a big cock up the ass fucking faggot.

    • Sadly Shocked says:

      I love your command of the English language, you make such a great argument. I also love your use of punctuation, capitalization, and basic spelling, you do know there is spell check on this, right? Let me guess, you read the first, I’d say paragraph, your brain swelled with hatred and you had no choice but to leave such an articulate and intelligent comment. Mr. Faggots, if that is even your real name, you are clearly not the targeted audience for this well thought out and well written statement about a problem that exists in our society. I think the intricacies of the argument being made are out of your league and I would suggest you spend you break time at your minimum wage drive through job a little wiser. Also, next time you feel the need to leave such a hateful comment have the guts to leave your real name and your mother’s mailing address as I would love to send this to her, I’m sure she would be proud to hang this proof of a job well done raising her child on her refrigerator.

      • Richard B says:

        Stop being such a fag and get off the rag.

      • Erin says:

        Richard B (and others associated directly/indirectly)–Go f%@# yourself. Sadly Shocked–[Insert Grand Applause Here] Thank you for effectively portraying the disgust I felt whilst reading a large portion of these comments and simultaneously handling a mercurial bigot. Well done, good madam or sir, well done!

  28. JYM says:

    Everyone who commented on this homosexual


  29. Winter says:

    There is no comparison between the history of African Americans and the history of homosexuals. Homosexuality was widely accepted in the Ancient World. There is not and can never be a comparion between institutionalized racism and homophobia. It’s okay to dis Black women and call yourself a “nigger”. What happens to you? Nothing. Get the f#ck out of here!!
    No one was lynched for hundreds of years for being gay. That happened for being Black… . I think a more plausible argument would be that a member of a minority group should be mindful of hatred. To wrap up, there’s a lot of judgment in what you said. I do believe ignorance should be expiated, but that happens though education.

  30. This is bullshit says:

    Fuck political correctness fags I am sick of this bitch ass pussy censorship I fell no need cuss when free speech is allowed but but when these fucking retarded fags attack my speech cause it offends them I blow up no one should ever be that easily offended by words if these fucking words offend your faggoty pussy asses I all have to say is :FUCK YOU FAGS FUCK YOU HOMOS FUCK YOU QUEERS AND FUCK YOUR GAY ASS FAMILY TOO

    • Travon Free says:

      Thanks for your passionate response. You need help.

      • Richard B says:

        People like you need help with the concept that in America THERE IS NO RIGHT NOT TO BE OFFENDED. If that bothers you get a passport and hit the bricks.

        • Dude says:

          More nonsense. Not having the right to avoid being offended means what exactly? Stop being offended? Stop announcing that you’re being offensive? Whining about your freedom of speech while simultaneously telling other people to shut up is just… ludicrous isn’t a strong enough word.

  31. Maria says:

    This is a pretty good article, and I completely agree with the seriousness of using the word faggot and how offensive it is. It’s a horrible word; when you hear it it sounds downright mean. However, I think it has more similarities to the word “nigger” than you think; both started as a hateful and hurtful word, and have become/are becoming casual terms (in some cases, of endearment). Yes, “faggot” has become a sort of term of endearment sometimes. I know lots of kids my age who call each other faggot, just as one would jokingly call their friend “bitch” or “ho.” I don’t agree with it, but that’s just how the world is now. It’s taken lightly in this society, and I don’t think that’s a good thing, but it shouldn’t be the sole thing you’re worried about. When you put up a huge defense for homosexuals and then turn around and say, “I’m guilty or reciting misogynistic and nasty rap lyrics from Eminem down to Lil Wayne. However, since majority of rap lyrics are compiled with female conquests, newly acquired wealth and rags to riches stories of ghetto survival, you or I probably wont have much luck changing that. But for rappers who are held up and regarded as role models to the youth in many communities, there comes a certain level of responsibility with the way they use their instrument especially when it comes down to word choice,” I get a bit ticked off. Rap lyrics tend to be extremely misogynistic, and honestly I think it’s the same issue as discrimination against gays. They’re both wrong, and that’s what matters. I keep seeing people fighting against using the word faggot when, though they should keep fighting for that, of course, they should take the time to fight against talking about women as if they’re objects. Because that’s not right either, and as a female I’ve been extremely put off by some rap lyrics concerning women. Take Tech N9ne’s “Fuck Food.” Just by the name you can tell it’s awful; the rappers in it just talk about what they want to do to women and it’s just plain gross. And yet I don’t see them getting any criticism, while Tyler the Creator is being so closely focused on by the criticizing eye. And there’s also the problem with the word “bitch.” I think it’s also extremely offensive towards women.

    So in short, if you’re going to fight against the use of the word faggot, fight against the other problems in rap these days as well. Anti-women words are hurtful too.

  32. Amazing article. I just wrote a song with EXACTLY the same argument. I find it appalling that blacks, coming off an extremely awful pandemic of hatred and prejudice that lasted for centuries, would turn around and without blinking hate on another minority with such vividness. I’m so glad that someone else than me has these viewpoints, and is bold enough to express them as you have done, Travon. Much love.

  33. mandy says:

    im a lesbian and have been called “fag” and “dyke” before a thousand times and you know what a just move on! why cant others just shut the fuck up, grow a set, and move on?

    • Travon Free says:

      Would America have had the Civil Rights Act if Martin Luther King just shut up and let them call him nigger, grew a pair and moved on? Would buses and school be desegregated if black people just shut their mouthes and moved on? Would the Libyan revolution have happened if they continued to just shut up, accept oppression and move on? No. The fact that MLK didnt shut up and move on is the reason most Americans especially black people have the rights they have now. The fact that matthew shepard’s mother refused to shut up and move on is the reason we have the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd act that finally made LGBT people a federally protected class.

      It’s the “move on” “keep quite” mentality that keeps kids killing themselves and being bullied at school. Nothing great in this world ever got done by keeping quiet and if youre ok with being called a fag or a dyke and you would like to just move on then that’s fine but there are millions of other people who arent ok with it and you will still benefit from any advances made because they chose not to shut up and move on.

    • Because they shouldn’t have to.

  34. Stella Quinn says:

    I love the sentiment that homophobia has no place ANYWHERE and that HipHop OGs should push the trend to stop this…but I call to your attention a statistic that everybody knows but me…”the fact that it’s no secret that statistically, the black community is anti-gay…”

    I was born in San Francisco, CA. Black then, black now. I believe its because I haven’t lived in the rest of the country and it seems to me that the Hispanic and Black communities are considered Anti Gay because they did not “create” Gay Love banners, rather than accepting the gay members of their own families and moving on…”Twon” gets jokes just like “Shaniqua”…Family accepts. I have seen it in rural Arkansas, Las Vegas, Florida, California…Black People did not host a parade any more than Hispanics roasted a Pig and called out the Mariachis…they just worked with it like anything else in a family.
    What I DO see is once again, people choosing to take a word like FA@@OT or NI@@ER and use it in whatever way works…while it is considered derogatory when used and not necessarily towards the actual group that it was once used to label. I will never condone “fa@@ot” but I do know that it means “weak, living in fear, cowardly” while “ni@@er” can mean anything from “dumb,shifty,untrustworthy”. The root of these words is ABOMINABLE…but lets look at what they mean now and either put to rest their old meanings (since American English is a “living language” that changes) or create words that mean the same but are different from the root word(synonyms)…
    Idk…I think that as a living language, the incendiary nature of the use is part of the “meaning” being conveyed and NOT necessarily towards homosexuals or African Americans. its like the word “asshole”. we want to use a substitute word because of the incendiary nature of the word itself…but sometimes its the WORD not fits not the history associated with it…

    • Travon Free says:

      Actually, the statement that “statistically” the black community is anti-gay is based on the fact that in every poll including the 2008 elections African Americans voted 60% or higher in “opposition” to gay marriage and pro gay legislation. Thats not calling every black person homophobic but that is iron clad proof that my community, the black community is anti-gay. What people are failing to realize is its not about promoting the N word and attacking the F word. The fact of the matter is that the word faggot has the same effect on young people and society today that the word nigger had on society during slavery and the civil rights movement, it’s used as a derogatory way of attacking a person who is different from you. The word “nigga” has been made into a term of endearment by black people but I highly doubt the word faggot will ever take on the same type of connotation just because of the difference in why and how the words are used. You’ll never hear “what up my faggot” or “oh yea i know Tony, thats my faggot”. Never. The overwhelming majority of comments on this post on the urban daily site were calling for stopping the use of the N word before we address another word. Well heres an idea, just stop saying the word. Problem solved. Its really that simple. As adults and human beings we have the ability to not say something we dont want to say. But no, every day millions of black people will continue to address each other as “niggas” and rappers will continue to use it so you cant have it both ways.

      Either stop saying the word and stop supporting the rappers who use it or stop complaining. No one has to say faggot, period. its not embedded in any type of pop culture or entertainment source like the word nigga in in hip hop. Faggot has one purpose, to demean and inflict harm. It’s quite easy to not use it. When is the last time you turned on the tv or read the news and saw “Black man brutally beaten while having racial slurs yelled at him”? I havent in a very long time. But you know what I can find almost every day? A story of someone being beaten, bullied, or killed while being called a faggot. And I could post them everyday on my blog for everyone to see but that’s not my aim and we have plenty of blogs like Queerty, Rod 2.0, and many others who keep close tabs on these stories so they arent hard to find and my original article is full of links to them just from the last 3 months alone. So for people to comment and say the word is just a word during the time period where the LGBT community is fighting for its civil rights is as irresponsible as someone saying nigger is just a word in 1960.

      • Stella Quinn says:

        I appreciate the depth of your research…at the age of 45, and admittedly in a much more liberal place, I have a different life experience than these polls refer to…both in the hood and in the suburbs. There is no question that there is a Christian resistance to homosexuality that crosses color lines…i think that my own experience has been that of saying one thing in the church or workplace and a complete other thing in the home and with family…THAT has been my own experiences with my family, other families and stories of the experiences of gay men that I’ve known.
        My most immediate concern with the use of “faggot” is not that is “may” be turned into a term of endearment…I have no doubt it will be “Gay” that gets that distinction very soon…It is that much like the word “nigger” its use as an incendiary description of a person as weak, does not refer to homosexuality so much as weakness of character. It surely does MEAN male homosexual, to let Wikipedia tell it…, but American English as a living language has a way of leaving behind the original connotation and moving forward with the actual “cleaned up” reinterpretation….that is the way of this language.

      • Richard B says:

        The claim that the black community is anti-gay is firmly rooted in the fact that in most black neighborhoods an excellent way for someone to get a serious ass kicking is to act gay. Period.

  35. First time I read your blog. The headline caught my attention. Excellent. Thanks for encouraging the intelligence and highlighting the ignorance.

  36. Dwayne says:

    Well, I thought that we lived in a country where we have freedom of speech. I don’t condone what they may say in their music nor do I fault them. They have that right to feel how they feel and believe what they believe. If we as Americans or hell just as people put as much time and effort in to worrying what people say out their mouth versus whats going on with our country (Unemployment rate, foreclosures, and companies move jobs over seas.) then hell we are not going to have to worry about what they say in their music cause you wont have a job to buy it anyway..IJS. For the record if you don’t want to hear it change the damn channel or turn the radio off …hell don’t buy the CD …Nobody made you go in the record store and spend your money.

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  43. Andre says:

    Solid article although I disagree with you. No matter what we do, white people we always see black people as “niggers”. When the chips are down, if a white guy is arguing or fighting with a person of color, that person will called a nigger, never fails.
    I also think that if you don’t say the word faggot in any context, than you shouldn’t say the word nigga either, not just abstaining from nigga sometimes.

    • I tend to disagree with you Andre. Not all white people fall into that generalization. While I definitely recognize differences between myself (white) and my black friends I will never see them as “niggers”. Or any other black people.
      Don’t want to argue, just wanted to let you know that some people, while certainly not colorblind, just don’t care about color.

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  45. Did you ever see the South Park Episode called “The F Word” ?


    The one scene for me that stood out is when the town LGBT characters decide to use the opportunity to take the F word and use it on the Harley riders. (watch it)

    I had a similar experience with a girl I was dating. Her uncle was this republican racist dick. Not blunt about it. You know the usual. Mammy dolls in the bathroom, and other “artistic collections” SO during a headed arguement I called him the N word. I swear to you he shut up and went upstairs WHILE CRYING. I kid you not.
    So imagine if let’s say…Bruce Villanch got into a shouting match with let’s say…Eminem. Bruce Villanch and Eminem talk about Elton John. I DON’T NOW WHY but they do and an arguement ensues. Bruce just comes out and say. You’re such a fucking fag, Em! Minds would be blown.

    You see the way the black community has been going about the N word is wrong. using against one another is ridiculous. Now calling Donald Trump a nigger. PRICELESS.
    POssibly, Satoshi Kanazawa. He is a prime candidate for a N word bomb


    Telling people NOT to do something this obvious only works on the intelligent. It’s like Zero Population Growth. Sounds logical but only smart people are going to do it and then we have a world filled with dumb asses. Think about that for a second.
    Do you really thin DMX is gonna stop saying the N word? Or Thugnificent for that matter.

    I mean if you want him to stop get a gay rapper to call him a effin fag…get a bunch of them. If a whole gaggle of gay rappers, a bunch of Homo-hop rappers did a dis record and called him a fag…You can’t explain that.

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