Chris Brown Naked Photos Leaked. And Were Surprised Why?[Enjoy Ladies(And Some Gentlemen)][NSFW]

Ladies(and some gentlemen) imagine no more. Because Chris Brown himself one of his ex girlfriends has spilled the beans. It’s beyond clear if you send a naked picture and become any kind of famous it will make its way to the public eye. With that being said, enjoy Chris in all his blonde hair and naked glory. Pictures below are NSFW…

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Stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. Ivy League brains with none of the student loan debt. This is the home of my opinion. Everything I love. Everything I Hate. This blog is about TRUTH and INSPIRATION. I hope you packed your sense of humor...
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58 Responses to Chris Brown Naked Photos Leaked. And Were Surprised Why?[Enjoy Ladies(And Some Gentlemen)][NSFW]

  1. Vanessa says:

    Omggg I always wondered what his dick looked like. I knew it was huge! Now they need to get one of usher trey songz tyrese Gibson and tyga and I’m happy for life! Lol

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  3. monika says:

    This guy makes me sick, I hope you lovers don’t ever get to meet your idol. It’ll be such a disappointment. With or with out the beatings.

  4. isaiah sanii says:

    thats so embarrasing

  5. I love chris brown no matter what he did love you sooooo mach chris brown

  6. tess says:

    This is Tess Felix, fuck all you haters I love chris brown!!!! And his dick and all of who he is!! Love you babe!!!!!!!! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥★★★♡♡♥♡♥♥♡♥♡♥

  7. Rihanna pussy has suffered alot for receiving this long dick with her wide vagina that is not dig says:

    Rihanna pussy has suffered alot for accepting this long dick into her vagina

  8. octiv says:

    really ? Thats huge !

  9. miguel says:

    His tattoos

  10. love says:

    Wow chris honey that was great I love your dick wish I could suck it baby so beautiful I love u more

  11. click here says:

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    as it presents feature contents, thanks

  12. No wonder riri can’t leave him!

  13. carlos says:

    Hot ass dick

  14. Darren Curry says:

    ppl that think that is a small dick aint seen many dicks. lol Chris Brown is freakin’ beautiful from head to head to toe!!!

  15. China says:

    Idk why everybody goin crazy because it’s not big i guess they must just be excited because its Chris Brown but thats a normal ass penis!!

    • ahhcookie says:

      Hoe shut yo ugly ass tf up!!!!!!!!!!!! Who tf are you to judge his dick??Awl ok I get it nigga/bitch whoeva tf you is.You jealous because you aint got his dick or YOU can’t get his dick.CHRIS BROWN WE DON’T LOVE YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL DICK WE LOVE YOU BECASE YOU ARE ALWAYS BEING YOURSELF AND KEEPING IT REAL WITH THIS FUCK NIGGA’S.LIKE YOU SAID “IT’S KILL OR BE KILLED NIGGA EITHER YOU OR US”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHRIS BROWN I LOOK UP TO YOU.KEEP DOING YOU THESE FUCK NIGGAS’ GONE ALWAYS TRY TO COME AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. marcus says:

    i wanna suck it an also inside of my butt

  17. marcus says:

    i love it cum an beat it up in me chris b

  18. Has a brain says:

    It’s official. Chris Brown fans are IDIOTS. He must be so proud that his fan base consists of skanky illiterates.

  19. Chris blot says:

    Do not fill bad lots of boy clabs have naked pics and I am a guy and I whant that penis why do I not have a penis like that

  20. Chris blot says:

    I whant to have some dick and u have a big dick Chris and your dick looks hot and I wold shave your dick if I was u

  21. nunya says:

    thats a beautiful artwork you have there chris…….amazing

  22. Colin Lincoln Holloway says:

    Okay, Travon, I hope you’re at least a little bit sheepish about such blatant pandering to your female audience.
    Nahhhh, anything to get their attention.

  23. Kirstie says:

    Chris baby don’t worry bout what other people say your fine in everyway. And people to say that his penis is small you all probaly can’t even talk . Stupid people . Love you Chris Brown xx❤

  24. trinna69 says:

    U couldn’t handle it if u wanted to! He’s can sing and he can dance his ass off!imagine what he can do in bed with a long dick and those moves!

  25. lil k says:

    sexy all over luv u chris brown…..fuck the HATERS..!!!!!!

  26. lil k says:

    its true hes hot all over…even on the bottom..CHRIS DONT LET NOBODY GET U DOWN URE FINE AND U NO IT!!!!!!!!FUCK THE haTERs..!!!!!!:)

  27. m&m's says:

    Dam Chris Brown ily n i luhv wahtt u got super sexii!!!!! Ily Chris

  28. buttercup says:

    Dam chris brown u makin mee wet lol!!!!!!!

  29. twixs says:

    Dam Chris Brown ii luvh wahtt u packin n rihanna bee trippin hizz penis isntt even small shee waz juhzz mad dahtt shee gott bet uph bytt ii luhvhh wahtt u gott chriss n ily keep packin n juhzz doo u!!!!!!

  30. michael says:

    he does not have anything to be ashamed of in those pictures that python was not even hard you go boy lol

  31. veronica says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..ohkay then his dick bigggggggggggg if he anit on hard

  32. charleah says:

    ohw keep doin yhur th
    ang chus dem balls
    turn me on
    nhd dat blessful penis of yhurs

  33. charleah says:

    chris brown i feel as if yhur perfect nhn all ways i love yhu tew death nhd fck wat evry one else say

  34. charleah says:

    how yhu kno if yhu havnt seent it face tew face …get real now

  35. Ttybb says:

    OMG IT LOOKS YUMMY!! I love Chris Brown even more now

  36. faith says:

    wooooow he is bare sexxxy and oh well he has a naked pic
    doesnt every celeb nowa days keep doin u chirs i love u❤

  37. Ida says:

    I love Chris Brown but this is disgusting

  38. dai says:

    I love him soooo much he is tha sexiest person alive i think hes packin I LOVE U CHRIS BROWN!😉

  39. diamond says:

    ppl stop hating! im not really into chris brown but i have to give it to him, he is packin’ good even for a limp dick! imagine rock hard

  40. gspot says:

    Damn he not even hard

  41. Brnzed Beast says:

    Damn, nice and long, though a bit on the skinny side: but SURE would lookgreat being pounded into my shitter!! YEE-HAWW!!!

  42. Ejustlive says:

    He’s so gorgeous… and he’s not even hard! Are you people blind? I think I fall inlove with him a little more every day! keep doing you❤

  43. katt says:

    I feel bad for him in 2 ways. bad cus his snake is a worm and bad cus he has to go thru this. damn remember when rihanna held up her fingers to show he had a small one in the “take a bow” video (im pretty sure thats the one).

    • charleah says:

      ghurl yhu nedd tew watch yhur mouth chris brown his doing his thang and hes doin it very welllllll…!!!!! ilu chris

  44. K.B. says:

    It’s not Terrible…but I’d have to see it awake. Right now the snake looks pretty sad.

  45. V says:


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