Travon Free, A ‘Ground Breaking’ Hero? Stop It I’m Blushing

Today I woke up to find myself in what I would consider to be very good company. The Bi Social Network’s “I Am Visible” Campaign (with whom I did a radio interview with last month) put out an article today, “Raise a Glass: Celebrating Black Bisexuals”, which listed prominent bisexual black men and women. I’m honored to say along with the likes of a personal hero James Baldwin, I myself made the list.

If it weren’t for the fact that I myself can think of little or no other out black bisexuals currently working in any area, I would take being called “ground breaking” with a grain of salt. But since I can’t, I humbly accept and hopefully more people gay, bi, or whatever the case may be will have the courage to join me. My portion of the article is below and don’t forget to check out the entire list here.

Travon Free, who was born and raised in Compton California, is a popular comedian, actor and writer known for live performances ‘with a fearless edge’. After ten years and more of negative coverage about black bisexual men in the American media, his coming out as bi has rightly been deemed ground breaking.”

About Travon Free

Stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. Ivy League brains with none of the student loan debt. This is the home of my opinion. Everything I love. Everything I Hate. This blog is about TRUTH and INSPIRATION. I hope you packed your sense of humor...
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